Esmart Homes

Hospitality Automation

We source Locks with innovative technology and dependable service to provide advanced electronic locking solutions. With reliable technology products and superior offering, SENSEIN offers solutions to meet the needs of our customers We provide complementary energy saving solutions and software with it.

Curtain Controls: Sensein curtain switches are intelligent control devices that provide convenience and comfort to the user. The open, close and stop functions can be performed from the wall unit or handheld IR remote. The option is available for the switches to operate with smartphones with Apps. single touch.

Bedside panel: Turn any combination of lights into mood lighting. At the touch of a button, you can create the desired ambiance by turning on certain LED lights and dimming them to the required level. And we can control Ac, curtains with a single touch.

Lighting Controls for Common Areas: Exclusive Sensein proprietory ZigBee protocol wireless touch key panel with single touch for.

Group lighting control
Science recalling
Multiple parallel operations

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